What is the Gospel?

Hello Friend

We are writing this letter to you, to try to explain how we see the world now, hoping that something in what we have to share will help you have a closer relationship with Father. Our view of God, religion the gospel and life has changed enormously over time.

Our main lens we view life and scripture with, is that our human relationships were setup by Father, so that we can come to understand how he feels toward us. “How would a healthy and well adjusted Parent, act/think/feel in this situation?

The Beginning

We believe Father created people to have a relationship with them. End of story!We don’t think he made us to ‘do things’ for him.

When he made Adam and Eve, he told them to “Prosper, Reproduce! Fill the Earth, take charge!” The only thing Father seems to have wanted us to do, is to live our lives, and live them to the full. Father intended our lives to be rich and full, and they are, when we are in step with him, and have a real and honest relationship with him. What we end up doing all our life seems to not be the point! If we know we are loved, and we love Father, then the rest will flow.

When we choose to be un-relational, as Adam and Eve did, it does impact the Joy of our relationship with him, just as being un-relational in a marriage, impacts the marriage. Being un-relational robs the relationship of joy. Nothing can change the way Father feels towards us, just like nothing a son or daughter can do or say, will stop a healthy, well adjusted parent from loving their child. However, it does rob the relationship of joy, when a child is rude or dishonest.

A healthy, well adjusted parent, will never put conditions on their love, or require certain behaviors in order to bestow favor on a child. A healthy, well adjusted parent, will provide an atmosphere of respect and love, where a child can always come to them and say “I’ve been wicked/rude/sneaky/killed someone, I’m sorry” and the child knows they will still be loved by the parent, no matter what the natural consequences of their actions are.

Father is no different, in fact, he is the ultimate, healthy, well adjusted parent!

Adam and Eve chose knowledge about God over relationship with him
Adam and Eve chose knowledge about God over relationship with him

The Middle

When Adam and Eve chose knowledge about God over relationship with him, it had natural consequences, the worst part being a rift in the relationship!

This rift didn’t come from father. He came walking in the garden like he always did, and they hid from him! They were now ashamed and guilty, and Father has spent the last 6000 years trying to get us to realize that he loves us anyway! He doesn’t have a problem with us sinning, or being un-relational, we do!

Father made the first sacrifice in human history. He killed an animal, and put clothes on Adam and Eve to take away their shame and gilt.

He also made the ultimate sacrifice 4000 years later, and provided his son to literally take away shame and guilt!

This is the real good news. Jesus didn’t just kill sin in some theoretical way, it is gone, removed, just not relevant any more in the life of a believer. Sin is simply being un-relational, and Father said at the cross “Yes, you are being un-relational, but I love you anyway! Come and walk with me, lets wander through life together”

He restored the joy of a loving and intimate relationship, and only those of you who have deep friendships with parents, spouses, siblings and friends know the joy which comes from a great relationship.

If you ever feel shame or guilt, or a distance between you and Father, be encouraged that it is only because you have some broken pieces in your soul from your childhood, from your choices and from life’s journey. The distance is not on Fathers side, he is always there to sit next to us on the couch, hug us close, and say ” I love you, I always will, why don’t you tell me what’s bothering you?”

So down through human history, Father has simply wanted to enjoy a relationship with us! Believe it or not, he thoroughly enjoys living our up and down, messy life with us, just like a healthy, well adjusted parent enjoys the scrapes and trials of their child’s life, as they learn to navigate the world. A parent laughs when their child is happy, cries when their child is sad or in pain, and comforts, encourages, sets boundaries in young children and encourages freedom in older children. Its called life, and that’s exactly what Father wants to share with us.

The End

In the afterlife, no matter what you believe will happen, the only really important thing, is that we get to continue our relationship with him forever. The biggest difference to now, will be a distinct lack of pain and un-relational behavior! The book of Revelation talks about “No more Sorrow and no more pain”. The biggest impact of no sorrow or pain is on our relationships, and in the time to come, our primary relationships will be with Father Jesus and our brothers and sisters. The lack of sorrow and pain equals JOY! We will get to experience the joy of intimate and loving relationships.

That, my friend, is the gospel, the good news, and truly something worth living for!

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Father Bless!