What is Sin?

Disclaimer – These thoughts are simply how I see life and I only share them because I was prompted to. Everyone has their own relationship with Father, and will see life differently. 🙂

Sin is a very much used term amongst Christians, talked about most sundays, and the cause of most shame, fear and anxiety. We are told most often, that because of our sin, God was angry, and had to settle his justice by sending Jesus to die instead of us.

However, if Fathers main purpose in life is to draw us into a loving relationship, then sin takes on a very different meaning.

Most christians believe that God somehow wants them to 'do stuff' or 'be something different'. The New Testament does talk a lot about treating others with love, being kinder, joyful, more pleasant in general, but it doesn't give the message that Father needs us to change in any way for him to love us. It doesn't indicate that we have to become more loving before he will love us.

What the New Testament does indicate, is that because Father loves us, we will become more loving, kinder and more pleasant in general. There are no 'shoulds' involved. It is not a case of 'because he loves you, you should be more loving'. That only leads to pressure and fake and striving to be something we are not.

What really happens is that as we realize we are loved, and we live into that, we naturally change from the inside out! As our soul realizes that Father loves us no matter what, healing begins! We will become more loving, not because we should, not only on the outside, not just loving acts! We actually become more loving. The hurt which ties our soul in knots and makes us respond badly in situations becomes displaced, healed.

In this kind of relationship, one of unconditional love, where does sin fit? How would we best describe it?

In a loving husband wife relationship, when would we say we have sinned against the other?

We don't!

We call it being very un-relational! Hurtful! Selfish! Prideful! Arrogant! Unpleasant!

So why do we then change these terms and roll them all up together and call it 'sin' when we focus on our relationship with Father?

We may be ungrateful! We may have pride! We may be arrogant! We may be selfish! But the good news is that Father loves us anyway!

He wants to draw us into a place where we can relax into the fact that we are loved! We don't have to change one bit, he will always love us!

I hear the voices in protest! "But what! Do you mean I can do whatever I like, and I'll still get to heaven? ( or whatever the reward is for that person )

The answer is yes, but the question is wrong! It is no longer the point! Once we know we are loved, we naturally want to grow in that relationship! It's like the light displacing the dark!

So maybe instead of thinking in terms of 'sin', which has been heavily misused and smoshed by 2000 years of religion, maybe we can think in terms of 'is this relational?' 'Is my reaction healthy?'

Jesus removed sin from the equation for believers, so why should we still worry and think about it? Thinking of Father and how much he loves us and wants to draw us into a healthy adult friendship, will naturally displace our unhealthy behaviors and reactions!

We have to give it time though, any deep relationship takes time!