What is Grace?

Disclaimer – These thoughts are simply how I see life and I only share them because I was prompted to. Everyone has their own relationship with Father, and will see life differently. 🙂

Grace is quite straight forward, but if it’s not put into the right context, it can be confusing when put all by itself. Gods grace only really makes proper sense in the context of our relationship with him. When we believe, we receive his grace! His grace is what allows us to enter into a deep and loving relationship with him.


As it stands, without Fathers offer of salvation, we are headed for death. Most people would accept the fact that we deserve it, but that’s not the point. We just are! Without Father, we live our lives and pass away, end of story.


What Father offers, through Jesus, is a way to come to him, become his children, and enjoy a relationship with him forever.


The concept of sin has been so beaten around by religion, that what it truly means has been twisted into some ‘stand alone’ concept, which confuses, depresses and fills us with gilt. Sin can most easily be explained as when we are un-relational! That’s it! When our actions or motivations don’t enhance our relationship with Father or other people, but damage or bring bad feelings or distance, then we have, in the more traditional language ‘sinned’


What isn’t always realized, is that Jesus has killed sin dead! Removed it and thrown away the key!


Well that makes no sense, until we embrace the most loving Father in the world, and his grace.


When we believe, we enter a father/child relationship with Father, and by his grace, he loves us unconditionally no matter what we do. This is how Jesus killed sin dead. It is no longer relevant in our life, as it has been taken away. The only thing which suffers in our relationship with Father, when we do unrelational things, or hold to broken and false views about him, or continue to treat others badly, is the Joy of a fulfilling and deep relationship.


If we embrace the grace of Father, we will naturally turn to him in our struggles and problems, knowing that he loves us deeply no matter what. He can then heal us and untwist our broken places, through love and affection. Over time, we will become more and more healthy, happy and whole, because Father is a good Father, and will do what any healthy, well adjusted father would do. He will guide and nurture us, because he loves us, and wants the best thing for us!


So that’s grace! Father loving us, no matter what!