Welcome to the Community!

This is a space where believers from all around the world can connect with each other. It is a space for those questioning traditional ‘church’, and those who have left, but are still passionate about Father and community. If you are perfectly happy in a traditional ‘church’, then this space is probably not for you!

This is a space for helping and building up. Sharing and connecting. Encouragement and guidance.

There are many other places where conflict, confrontation, arguments and pointless theological discussions can take place, but this is not that place!

The main aims of this space are

  • To help those of you who are questioning  your church or religion to find answers
  • To help those of you who have been abused or hurt by your church or religion to find healing
  • To share with each other what it really means to be saved. Living without gilt or shame!
  • To share with each other what it means to live as a loved, adult child of Father
  • To share with each other what it looks like to live free of religion and anyone else’s authority
  • Enable a live and dynamic community of believers to find others in their area to connect with

There are a number of ways to connect and share with others.

Search for people you might want to connect with. You can filter the search by things like Country, City, Point on the journey etc.

Engage on the Forum. Ask questions, share your journey.

Join the secret Saved Loved Free facebook group.