Hello friend,

This website is simply an attempt by my wife and I to share our passion for a real and authentic relationship with God ( who we refer to, lovingly, as Father)

We have journeyed out of a works based religion, been saved after 15 years attending church meetings, and have been led into a life of freedom. Freedom to grow into the people Father made us to be, and freedom to grow into our relationship with him.

For us, the journey was hard, dark and painful, but we would never give up the joy of knowing, with every fiber of our being, that we are loved and cherished by an amazing and loving father.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in our relationship with Father was overcome, when he introduced us to what we call “Fathers Family” This has become the lens with which we view all scripture, and how we test any questions we have.

The short version is, that our human relationships were setup by Father, so that we can come to understand how he feels toward us!

Of course, human history is full of people who misunderstood Father, because they were raised by parents who fell short of being healthy, well adjusted parents. History, however is also full of people who came to know a loving Father, either by having healthy, well adjusted parents, or Father drew them into a healthy and loving relationship, despite having a bad start in life, relationally.

So the key to Fathers Family, is the term, “Healthy and Well Adjusted“, and the lens is, “How would a healthy and well adjusted ……….. ( Parent/sibling/friend), act/think/feel in this situation? Then apply that to you and Father!

The only limitation to you applying this in your life, is your understanding of what healthy Family, Parents, Siblings etc should look like. We all have our broken places, and every broken place clouds our view of Father, and how amazingly he loves us.

So, as I said at the top, this website is an attempt to help you begin to see past your pain and broken places, and perhaps see that father is intensly loving, and just wants to Father you into a loving relationship.

Father Bless.

Dave and Nomes

Our Family
Our Family